Sex and the Single Filipina: Extended English Version

Sex is a subject that many Filipinos consider taboo; not to be discussed outside the bedrooms of married couples.   More often than not, it is not even discussed in married couples’ bedrooms so the idea that a Filipina would discuss the various opportunities for single Filipinas to find partners for casual sex is probably going to face some backlash but hey, it’s a new world.

We live in a Filipino society where it is okay for a man to leave his wife and kids to start a new family elsewhere.  His wife will struggle for years to feed the children while this man has no obligation to pay support.  How is this fair and why are the rules of the land so “man-centric”?  

We live in a Filipino society where a boy is celebrated for his young sexual conquests while the girl he probably fooled is slut shamed and mocked for her lack of virtue.  How is this fair?  

New Facebook pages and website pop up every day following Pastor Hokage precedents, shaming young Filipinas or catching them in less than flattering positions and then sharing embarrassing photos to horny teenage boys. How is this fair and why have the police not put an end to this degrading activity?

Ladies, we are told that we live in a land of equality but outside the workforce, this is just not true.  We live under the thumb of man-made traditions that celebrate man’s sexuality and women’s subservience.  We are toys to be leered at, used and disposed.  Well, no more.  We are taking back the night and creating new rules.

Women are just as horny as men.  That may sound crude but it is fact.  Actually, by the age of thirty-five, women become the hornier gender.  Most Filipino men at this age are already starting to show signs of impotence and turn to beer as a replacement.  With this is mind, where does a single Filipina go to release her urges or scratch her itch?

Let’s look at who these women are.  The career woman who never has time for a full-time mate; the single or separated mother who has no time or patience for dating; the single Filipina who has no desire whatsoever of settling down.   Can we really question the morality of someone who isn’t hurting anybody by simply wishing to feel another warm body next to her?

There is a lot of anonymity in this kind of affair and sometimes, posting a profile on a dating or hookup site is less than desirable.  If you are living in the Manila area, your best bet is Makati.  Aside from the abundance of foreigners, many who prefer local women and not hookers, there are many local studs who are looking for similar meetings.  Sit at a local pub and wait for someone to join you.  It is preferable that you have a wing-mate (friend or acquaintance with the same goals) as this removes some of the pressure and it certainly helps to attract favorable attention when you’re laughing.

Other than Makati, I strongly recommend that you travel several barangays from your own to spend time in a pub or bar. Remember, well-lit bars with easy access to Grab and/or taxis.

If you wish to know the person you are hooking up with, then a dating site will do the trick.  Just make sure your partner understands that you are not presently considering a long-term relationship.  The following sites are popular for meeting locals and foreigners presently in your area. I would start with and when you get more relaxed, move to or  The good thing about hooking up with foreigners is that many are staying in the safe hotels so that is something to consider.

 This is not for everyone, I know that.  We are a nation of inbred Catholic morals that follow us everywhere we go.  That being said, it is your life and to miss out on the wonders of sex simply because you are overly concerned about what others will say…is sad. 

There are rules that must be followed at all cost.  Not fooling around, if you are not serious about the first two rules, you are in for unnecessary worry and pain.

Rule 1:   No glove, no love.  Means if your partner does not have a condom, put on your clothes and leave

Rule 2:   Meet in a well-lit locale with many people around.  Do not get into a strange car.  Call a Grab or Taxi but do not get in a strange car

Rule 3:  Do not brag about your meetings; this will come back to bite you…and not in a nice way

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